Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Master Bedroom Color Scheme

A beautiful medallion quilt using French General's Josephine in pearl, warm red and old brown is the inspiration for my bedroom color scheme.

My bedroom under the eaves has lots of light from a southern exposure. Here is a French bedroom in a luxurious chateau bed and breakfast, Le Clos de Mond├ętour in Normandy, which uses these same colors. Included in the Josephine line of fabrics is a lovely toile de jouy to use to recreate the drapes and couver lit.

Here is the beginnings of my stash from which to construct my quilt.

I have chosen to make a «Simon» quilt [1775-1800] as reproduced by Petra Prins in her lovely book, Promenade in a Dutch Garden. Image seen at Every Stitch blog.

The red and white medallion quilt image was acquired from the net, I do not have its attribution.

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